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Suite 2, 105 Victoria Road,
Marrickville NSW 2204 Australia

Tel: +61 2 9519 8944
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Silver Raven Pipeline Division - (Oil & Gas Mining)

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Environmental Monitoring - Remediation & Rehabilitation Services:

Dealing with impacted sites can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be.

Our team of experts can assist you understand the environmental conditions of your site and come up with practical solutions that balance the needs of your company, the government, and the community.

No matter the project size, we work with you to develop an approach that is best suited for your project. We clearly define the objectives, execute focused field programs, and apply cost‑effective solutions in an ever tightening economic climate.

Silver Raven have formed a dedicated team to take on the demands of Environmental Monitoring, Remediation and Rehabilitation Services required in the CSG and Oil & Gas Industry.  The Silver Raven team will be able to carry out any aspects of environmental services for a wellsite or facility that complies with approved Environmental Impact Studies granted by the government.

  • Generally this will be in accordance with and comply to Queensland's Code of Practice for the construction and abandonment of coal seam gas wells and associated bores in Queensland – Edition 3 – 19t May 2017;
  • Reference is also directed to the Queensland Petroleum Act 1923, the Petroleum Regulation 2004, the Petroleum and Gas Production and Safety Act (P&G Act), the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Regulation as amended for the construction and abandonment of Petroleum Wells, which includes CSG wells  

Rehabilitation/Reclamation Service's:

Commences after decommissioning has eventuated, normally after the gas flow is exhausted and the Well site is plugged and includes the following:

  • Rehabilitation of wellsite lease and associated infrastructure, including flowlines, well pads, access tracks and utility lines (piping and electrical components);
  • Removal of separators, compressors, SCADA systems and water treatment facilities and associated dams, and contaminated soils, if applicable;
  • Re constructing landscape to original contours including original topsoil and seeding;
  • Monitoring refurbishment on monthly, three monthly and on an annual basis to insure compliance with specifications and rectify where necessary.

Remediation Services:

In the event that standard rehabilitation is unable to attain the required standards for contamination, further remediation will be required. These services include:

  • Land Farming – in situ or ex situ
  • Ground Water monitoring, sampling, modelling and reporting.
  • Removal of contaminants from ground water – use of filtration technology commonly used in North America in the reclamation industry.
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    Suite 2, 105 Victoria Road,
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